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Why Print With BastraCloting

  • Best Quality Printing
  • Local Produced Fabric
  • Timely Delivery
  • Unbeatable Finishing Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • One Stop Solution Of All Garment
  • A1 Organizational Tailoring Need 
  • Value Quality over Quantity
  • Quick Response
  • Delivered at your doorstep


Custom Manufacturing

APH does custom manufacturing of garment needs with the available clothing options and other custom designs that is desired by customers. Custom manufacturing is a hefty task, but we are dedicated to provide the absolute best to our customers while meeting their requirements.

Stages of custom manufacturing:

  1. Identify the customer’s vision
  2. Custom Manufacturing
  3. Manufacturing queries (includes fabric and accessories search)
  4. Discussion with customers
  5. Sample product development
  6. Comparison of prototype and sample product
  7. Identify necessary corrections/modifications
  8. Start manufacturing and concurrent quality check
  9. Product finishing, packaging and delivery
  10. Maintenance/after sales service

Product differentiation:

We are not only the a competitive company for your garment need supplier but we believe and can prove upon time that we are the right one. Our customer centric strategy keeps our customer on top priority and corporate benefit on second. Because we are a startup we largely focus to retain our customers than maximizing profitability with their business.

Competitive advantage:

APH has certain characters that are absent with other manufacturers and suppliers. After detailed study of Nepalese garment industry of over 3 decades; a handful of manufacturers with overseas market had succeed and earned. Other manufacturers and suppliers had not made any considerable growth and created values and markets of their products.

After knowing all this APH is creating odds to these traditional complexities. We are creating a mixed strategy that goes simultaneously to multiple directions. Sounds a bit complex but we have been doing this since the beginning. By doing this we are becoming an expert of fabric search, product quality, product development, and methods of creating unique products.

It is impossible to produce varieties of products under one factory/work process. So that we not just identify the need of our customer, We match those need with right kind of manufacturing method and personnel so that we can produce a product without compromising it’s quality and productivity.

We bridge the gap between demand and supply of job and skill. Because we do have information of dozens of unique manufacturers and suppliers who are specialized in one or another product/process.


Pricing for garment products is not standardized. Price varies largely with quantity and designs. Different suppliers/manufacturers can quote different price for the same product it is because of their manufacturing methods that accounts their pricing.

We always try to set the least competitive price for our products and quote the lowest possible value for a product. It is because we add satisfiable company margin over the manufacturing cost ofany product. We never want our customers to let go just because of our high pricing.We know ethical business leads for long run success.

Quality Norms:

It is beyond our corporate policy and ethics to operate without considering product quality. It is always hard to match price competitiveness and product quality. But we are making it reality and our dozens of satisfied customers are eye witness of this truth.We know customer’s trust is gained with very hard effort and we put our hardest effort to produce quality product.

We serve your organizational tailoring need ranging from formal to occasional.We provide you one stop solution of all garment needs at competitive cost and unbeatable finishing.

Better Quality, Timely delivery and Competitive cost are all that you get from Bastra’s CMD. In addition to these above your every orders will be fulfilled by local resources (as for as practicable) means every penny you spent remains inside.